Villa Honeymoon


Writer: Ilse Spall
Title: Villa Honeymoon
ISBN: 9789021807287
Category: Romantic comedy
Publisher: Sijthoff
Number of pages: 320 pages
Format: Paperback
Price: € 16,50
Date of release: September 2012

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All Mandy’s dreams lie in Villa Honeymoon, the hotel for honeymooners, where she works as an assistant business manager. When her manager suddenly disappears from the hotel, the chambermaids start doing whatever they like and the gardener resigns, the owner of the hotel decides to give Mandy a chance to manage it. Together with his son Thomas, Mandy has to make sure the profits rise with 40% within a year. But she also has to take care that Thomas, a true playboy, doesn’t start dating any of the woman in the hotel. If Mandy fails to succeed, she loses her job, but if the plan works out, she will not only receive a bonus, but also a promotion! Mandy really thinks she’s up for the task, until she meets Thomas – and falls head over heels in love with him...

Ilse Spall is marketer, writer and absolutely crazy about movies. Her debut came after winning the Chick-lit Writing Contest in 2009 with the novel Hollywood; with her second book Blind date she has really established herself as one of the most popular Dutch Chick-lit writers. Villa Honeymoon is her third novel. She is recently married herself and has just returned from her own honeymoon...


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The Idea

The idea for Villa Honeymoon popped in Ilse’s head during her own honeymoon. She was drinking cocktails at the edge of the swimming pool and was joking a bit with her husband, how nice it would have been, if they could have booked a true over the top honeymoon. In kind of crazy hotel filled with massage beds, heart shaped bubble baths and a lot of entertainment. But did such a hotel already exist somewhere? But does that really matter when you are a writer: if it doesn’t exist, you just create it! So Villa Honeymoon was born and she started writing the book even during her honeymoon.