Villa Honeymoon

Ilse Spall - Villa HoneymoonAll Mandy's dreams lie in Villa Honeymoon, the hotel for honeymooners, where she works as an assistant business manager. When her manager suddenly disappears from the hotel, the chambermaids start doing whatever they like and the gardener resigns... More

Blind date

Ilse Spall - Blind DateYes! Fleur's life is going very well, she is the new marketing assistant for a toy company and her new boss, Sam turns out to be horribly attractive. During a company party sparks start to fly between Fleur and Fleur is in seventh heaven until Sam suddenly starts to behave very strangely... More


Ilse Spall - HollywoodIt's every woman's dream to see her idol once in real life. But what happens when you do meet your favorite movie star without even knowing it? In Hollywood, this is what happens to recent graduate Julia... More